The importance of architectural design, lies in combining the necessary elements to create spaces that are not only functional, but also able to create emotions and sensations that invite us to stay within them.

At American Classic, we understand this to perfection and therefore, we offer you the architectural design service at the highest level for residential and commercial real estate. Communicate with us, we are sure we can offer you the design option for your property that best suits your needs and maximize the use of your land.
Our Areas of Experience are:

  • Design of Houses Room.
  • Apartment Design
  • Design of Facades
  • Office Design
  • Design of Recreational Centers
  • Design of Offices
  • Design of Automotive Agencies


If you are about to build a new house, you like the minimalist style, have several ideas in mind regarding the design and / or are looking for whoever designs Minimalist House Plans, come to our company as soon as possible. We will help you translate these ideas more tangibly. In addition to advising you, we can develop photorealistic images for you that will give you a very close idea about what your future home might look like.


Based on the above, we can work very effectively in the development of the corresponding architectural plans. Give your house that touch of distinction and exclusivity that you and your family deserve.

On the contrary, if you have not yet visualized the minimalist design for your home, let us help you. Leave the design of your heritage (and that of your children) in professional hands, we are sure that we have the option of modern, exclusive and high quality design for your minimalist house more suited to your needs.



A large part of the resources used in real estate design focuses on exterior design; However, a good part of our lives is developed in the interiors of these spaces.

Hence the importance of interior design or interior design. We have mentioned that in addition to being functional, a building must generate emotions that make us stay pleasant in the same and that invite us to continue within it.

At American Classic we understand the foregoing and that is why we offer you interior design and construction services at the highest level. While it is worth mentioning that interior design is a core part of an architectural executive project in which “we start from scratch”, we can also develop it as part of projects that involve remodeling or expansion of existing buildings.


Do not think about it anymore! Communicate with us (without commitment for you), we are sure to offer the option of design and construction of interiors for your property that best suits your needs and maximize the use of your resources. It will be a pleasure to serve you.


In the case of remodeling projects, American Classic proceeds in the same way with a procedure of proven effectiveness, which begins with an initial interview with the client, within the framework of which the design and remodeling needs that they have with relationship to a specific space.

What follows is to perform a survey; present the clients with a sketch of the project and discuss the details with the client. Then, the specialists of American Classic make a final design with a virtual model to corroborate that the design, spaces and furniture, solve the needs of the client.

It should be noted that the development of the project always takes place in permanent communication with customers, taking into account their preferences for design, color, furniture, etc.

American Classic deals with everything related to work management, permits, work personnel, security, cleaning, etc. In the end the client is handed the project to the customer turnkey.

When it comes to remodeling, our company specializes in:

  • Painting
  • Marble
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Drywall
  • Furniture with design
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Flooring